Providing education and support
to women and children in the
Pittsburgh area through free health
programs and services.

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Our Leadership

Jada Shirriel, Chief Executive Officer

Thelma Jackson, Director of Programs

Andrea Kimple, Director of Operations and HR

Joanne White, Director, Behavioral Health

Lannea Adamson, Director of Public Health Education and Training

Shannon Lawhorn, Fatherhood Program Manager
Our Board of Directors
Board President – John Moore
Vice President – Janice Maker
Secretary – Alexis Steals
Treasurer – Tracy Robinson
Deborah Gallagher
Shirley Lawson
Kudzai Sihlangu
Janet Wagner
Dannai Wilson
Roslynn Wilson, Ed. D.
Ena Lebel, Esq.
Carol Washington
Sheila Ramgopal, M.D., M.A.
Nichole M. Sims
Christina L. Wilds, DrPH, MPH, CHES
Legal Counsel – Charlotte Jefferies, Esq.